Mexico's energy reforms opened up a new market for gas stations owned by private companies. But the new president has opposed the changes, putting the future of the country’s energy reforms into question under the new administration.
Mexico Lays Out Plans For $8 Billion Oil Refinery
Gov. Doug Ducey announced Friday morning he’d received Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl’s resignation letter. Kyl will leave the U.S. Senate on Dec. 31. His resignation was hand-delivered to the governor’s office Thursday afternoon.


Supporters Of Activist Facing Deportation Seek Pardon From Ducey
Supporters of an Arizona activist ordered to be deported this week are making a last-ditch effort to keep her in the United States by asking Gov. Doug Ducey to pardon Alejandra Pablos.
Arizona Falling Way Behind In Early Childhood Education
Study after study has proven that starting a child’s education right — and early — is essential in helping them achieve their goals in the future. But, study after study has also shown that we often fail to do this for kids — especially those born into poverty.
Documentary Tracks Barbie
Barbie. We all know her, some of us love her, some of us hate her. But, since she was introduced in 1959, it’s clear that Barbie has become much more than a doll.
Number Of Kids With Health Insurance Declines Since 2016
More American children did not have health insurance last year than the year before — specifically, an estimated 276,000 more. This is the first case of decline in nearly a decade.
Deadline Set For Colorado River Deal
Water managers from across the Colorado River Basin are wrapping up their conference in Las Vegas this Friday. Luke Runyon of KUNC in Colorado is there covering it and joined The Show to talk about it.

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Two years after East Liverpool, Ohio, gained notoriety from a viral photo of an overdosed couple, the community is coming to terms with its addiction problem — and taking tentative steps forward.
The decision came on the eve of the final day of open enrollment for 2019 healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act.
The interior secretary is stepping down after a tumultuous two years, marked by mounting allegations of misconduct in office.
Germany is seeing the return of wolf packs, and with them growing political tension over whether the animals pose too much of a threat.
President Trump's former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, got three years in prison, and the publisher of the National Enquirer agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.