Usually when a business has to close its doors, it’s because it’s not bringing in enough people. But, for one little grey and blue hut with the windmill logo, it has the opposite problem. The Dutch Bros. stand on Camelback Road and Central Avenue in uptown Phoenix is being forced to close its doors.
5 hours ago


Oversight Committee Meets To Review Death Penalty Case Load
A committee that reviews death penalty cases in Arizona met in Phoenix on Thursday to recommend future policy changes for the State Bar of Arizona and the Arizona Supreme Court.
7 hours ago
Partial Revival Of Dead Pig Brains Raises Ethical Questions
A system that can restore some brain cell function in pigs hours after death has further blurred the border between life and death, raising numerous ethical questions. The research suggests the chain of brain-cell destruction initiated by oxygen loss might not occur as rapidly, or irreversibly, as once thought.
7 hours ago
East Valley Water Utilities Negotiating Potential Interconnection
The town of Queen Creek is negotiating with an interim manager of troubled water utility Johnson Utilities to prepare for increasing water demands from customers this summer.
6 hours ago
Arizona House Sends Cellphone Driving Ban To Governor
A proposal banning the use of hand-held cellphones by drivers across Arizona is on the way to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey's desk following a vote by the Arizona House.
2 Distracted Driving Bills Go To Vote In Arizona House
Later this hour, the Arizona House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on a few bills that deal with texting while driving. One is a general ban on using hand-held cell phones, except when drivers are parked or at a stop light or railroad crossing. Another bill deals more broadly with distracted driving.

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The tabloid's parent company, American Media Inc., has become embroiled in controversies surrounding President Trump. It also sparred with Jeff Bezos over blackmail accusations.
There were some directives the president attempted to make of his staffers or other government officials that might have breached the obstruction of justice threshold had they not stood up to him.
The special counsel's report said the FBI believes Russian military intelligence was able to gain access to at least one Florida county government's computer network during the 2016 campaign.
Impeachment talk started again among Democrats Thursday with the release of the redacted Mueller report. Many still see that as too politically risky even though they see Trump as unfit for office.
Judge Lawrence Knipel refused a request from parents to lift the vaccination order that was imposed last week to stem a measles outbreak. The parents claimed the city had overstepped its authority.