Libraries across the country are evolving. Maricopa County’s libraries did away with late fees, last summer. Pima County’s sprouted a seed lending program to source out sustainability projects. But deep in southern Arizona, one little library is trying something new: blending the hushed stacks of the last century, the town and the digital age.
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Sirven: Were Throwing The Entire Kitchen Sink At Alzheimers
A new near-infrared light cap is a novel but promising approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s just one of many, many other attempts to fight the disease as it becomes more prevalent.
52 minutes ago
Report Highlights Overworked Disability Case Workers
Challenges at the state Department of Economic Security’s Developmental Disabilities Division are not getting any better.
1 hour ago
Medicaid Spending Down In 2019 But States Aim To Spend More
Spending on Medicaid dropped nationwide during the 2019 fiscal year, coinciding with a decrease in enrollment in the health care program.
1 hour ago
Self-Driving Cars May Not Be Ready For General Use
Progress on self-driving cars continues, as technology advances into the realm of self-driving trucks and grocery delivery provided by smaller autonomous vehicles, but some observers recommend pumping the brakes on how soon we’ll see self-driving automobiles in broad use.
1 hour ago
Several Arizona School Districts Sue Vaping Companies
Four school districts in Arizona have joined a class-action lawsuit against Juul and other e-cigarette makers, including the Tolleson Union High School District and Tucson Unified School District, one of the largest in the state.
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'We Have A Big Responsibility:' Facebook Rolls Out New Election Security Measures
The social network is fighting foreign efforts to manipulate and mislead its users ahead of the 2020 presidential election. CEO Mark Zuckerberg called election security one of his "top priorities."
Violent Protests Continue In Chile As Government Imposes New Curfew
Demonstrations again wealth inequality have persisted, despite the fact that President Sebastián Piñera suspended transit fare hikes. There have been at least eight deaths reported.
National Parks Trying To Get A Handle On E-Bikes
Electric assisted bicycles are on trails in the national parks. Enthusiasts think that's a great thing, but some traditional riders and environmentalists see big problems ahead.
Scientists Create New, More Powerful Technique To Edit Genes
A new technique, dubbed 'prime editing,' appears to make it even easier to make very precise changes in DNA. It's designed to overcome the limits of the CRISPR gene editing tool.
A Tornado Struck Overnight. Now Dallas Is Assessing The Damage
Extensive structural damage was apparent by sunrise, but no fatalities or injuries have been reported, Mayor Eric Johnson said early Monday.