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A Chandler attorney says a handful of Arizona counties and towns broke the law in their effort to fight a controversial renewable energy ballot measure.
WATCH: Corp Comm Candidates Discussion
Steve Goldstein, co-host of KJZZ’s The Show, guides a discussions between the four candidates running for two commissioner seats on the Arizona Corporation Commission, which regulates public utilities in our state.
30 minutes ago
Lawmaker Requests Investigation Over Anti-Prop 127 Resolutions
A Democratic state lawmaker is asking the Arizona Attorney General to investigate whether cities and counties broke the law in their effort to fight a clean energy ballot measure. State Rep. Ken Clark has submitted a letter to Mark Brnovich’s office raising concerns about resolutions passed by local lawmakers around the state urging their constituents to oppose Proposition 127.
3 hours ago
The Takeaway: With Failed Panama Development, Trump Inc. Uncovers A Pattern Of Deception
The investigative team behind Trump, Inc. reports on the Trump Organization's involvement in the construction of a tower and complex in Panama, a deal that revealed a pattern of deception in Trump properties around the world.
4 hours ago
Report Uses Hard Facts To Assess AZ Economy
This political season, there is a lot of debate about our state’s economy. Have the governor’s policy’s done us well? Have President Trump’s tax cuts hurt or helped local businesses? Even at the city level, the issue of pension reform is part of the conversation leading up to November.
7 hours ago
The Takeaway: New Report Shows Trump
A new report breaks down the beneficiaries of the Trump tax bill by race and income. The numbers show that tax cuts are benefiting wealthy whites, who come out the furthest ahead, while black Americans receive less of a benefit at every level of income.
Potential Closure Brings Change For Navajo
For four decades Navajo and Hopi tribes have relied heavily on the coal industry. It’s the best-paying job around. Even so, many of its employees aren’t waiting for a new owner.
UPS Looking For 3,000 Seasonal Employees In Phoenix
A new survey finds many major U.S. retailers plan to hire more seasonal employees than last year. And, it’s not just in stores.
Japanese-American Family Remembers Baseline Flower Fields
In the 1960s, if you drove along Baseline Road, you’d enter a kaleidoscope of colors bursting from the dirt — they were flower fields that stretched for 300 acres. But today, the last reminder of those flowers is a modest shop called Baseline Flower Growers.
Phoenix Economic Director Talks Tax Incentives
We spoke with Agnel Philip of The Arizona Republic about a piece he’d written about particular tax incentives used by cities around the state. To respond, The Show invited the community and economic development director for the city of Phoenix.
Four Candidates Debate For Phoenix
KJZZ hosted a panel of the Phoenix mayoral candidates on Thursday at Rio Salado’s campus.
AZ Unemployment Unchanged, Higher Than Average
The unemployment rate in Arizona is exactly where it was a year ago, 4.7 percent. The numbers released Thursday show that’s higher than the national average of 3.7 percent.
Mining Conference Takes Place In Hermosillo
Representatives of hundreds of mining companies the world over are descending on Hermosillo, Sonora, next week for a major conference.
AZ To Vote On School Voucher Expansion
After Gov. Ducey signed into law last year a measure to expand the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account — or ESA — program, a new group formed to oppose it.
Chispa Spending Millions On Dems In Corp. Comm. Race
More money is coming to the Arizona Corporation Commission race.
Why Don’t More Apartments Offer Recycling?
A 2015 Arizona law bans cities from requiring apartment and condo complexes to recycle. ADEQ doesn’t track the percentage of apartments and condos that don’t offer recycling, but they do know the impact.
Yuma Farmers Careful In Wake Of E. Coli Outbreak
Earlier this year, an E. coli outbreak was linked to romaine lettuce grown in Yuma. The CDC says the pathogen affected more than 200 people. As the new growing season is getting underway, we wanted to check in to see how that outbreak is impacting what farmers are doing now.
We talked on The Show about the millions of dollars flowing in, both to support and defeat Proposition 127. But the opposition to 127 has focused a lot on the measure’s billionaire funding source — a name we’ve heard a lot.
Activists Try To Stop Construction At Chinese Cultural Center
The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center is back in the news again after activists and construction crews faced off Monday.
Why Do We Keep Building Houses In Places That Burn Down?
It’s a real estate paradox: the most desirable places to live are also among the most susceptible to wildfires. Mansions in the Santa Monica Mountains, tiny cabins tucked into the Angeles National Forest, and houses at the very edge of subdivisions are all beautiful because they’re surrounded by undeveloped land. But what makes them beautiful is also what makes them dangerous.
Is Housing Market Heading For Stagnation?
All signs say that consumer confidence is high and the economy is strong, but it turns out, the housing market is slowing, at least nationally.